Saturday, April 18, 2015

Charade No. 34

You witness in my beauteous first
The wonders of creation;
My next is blessed or accurst (cursed),
As he fulfills his station:
My total (whole) dances round the year;
The present soon will disappear.



Rosie Posie said...

Could it be a maypole? :)

ByMyFirst said...

No, but thanks for guessing!

Laurel Kastner said...

is it the sun?

ByMyFirst said...


Remember that the answer will be a word with two syllables. The first clue refers to the first syllable, the second clue ("my next...") refers to the second syllable, and the last ("my total") refers to the whole word.

Good luck!

ByMyFirst said...
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ByMyFirst said...

A hint: for the first syllable ("my beauteous first"), think of something huge that can be beautiful, but also dangerous. Some people see it all the time, some people see it from time to time, and still others have never seen it.

Jacob Smith said...


ByMyFirst said...

That's right!