Sunday, April 22, 2012

Charade No. 28 - Answer unknown (so far!)

I have published answers available for many, but not all, of the Regency charades I have collected. This one appeared on a folding fan; I have not yet found a copy that includes an answer.

My first some often take
Entirely for my second's sake.
But very few indeed there are
Who both together well can bear.

I look forward to seeing your guesses!


UnknownSmile said...

A married couple? You take a husband/wife. And maybe it was some kind of Regency humour that they would be typically insufferable together or something?

(I am so obsessed with these charades! Thank you so much! Where ever did you find them??)

ByMyFirst said...

Thanks for the guess!

The answers to these charades are almost always a single word, so I don't think your guess would work.

I'll post separately about finding charades.


puzzled said...

mis-fortune ..some men will take a miss only to obtain a fortune by way of dowry...but few men can bear misfortune

ByMyFirst said...

A very credible guess!