Saturday, April 14, 2012

Charade No. 27

A liquor, my first, of true English make,
Sometimes of an Evening a glass-full I take;
And when I have friends, such as Herry or Jem,
My next, with my first I fill up to the brim:
How smart in my closet, my total (whole) appears,
A place it has had there a number of years.



brenday said...

hazarding a guess


ByMyFirst said...

A very credible (and creditable) guess, but not correct.

Scroll down for a couple of hints.

The first part of this guess was definitely in the right direction. Don't pay too much attention to the reference to the closet; that's not usually where we might keep this object today, which might typically be a cupboard or cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Er, wineglass?

Sarah said...

the drinks of true English make that I can think of are porter, ale and beer, port is from Oporto, wine is generally thought of as French, rum is Jamaican and whisky is Scottish, Brandy also I think French... Porter, the 'heavy wet' is a lower class drink, so I'm inclined to discount that. Nope, I confess for now I'm stumped