Saturday, September 10, 2011

Charade No. 3 (from the Austen family)

Here is a charade by Jane Austen's brother, Francis William Austen.

By my first you may travel
      with safety and speed,
Though many dislike
      the conveyance indeed;
My second no woman can well be.
My whole takes a change
      several times in a year;
Hot and cold, wet and dry,
      benignant, severe.
What am I, fair lady, pray tell me?


Sarah said...

Took a bit of thinking.... it is a form of travel that makes a lot of peope queasy
It's season of course

ByMyFirst said...

Congratulations to Sarah!

More coming. . .

Mariana said...

With only the "My whole" part I was between season and weather, but with the rest of it I got lost. One day, I'll guess one of this charades all by myself!

By the way, congrats Sarah!

Sarah said...

I need all my wits as I need to write some charades; stupidly I mentioned a charade game in one of my fanfiction stories and I've been asked to write a short story surrounding it...
I must be insane.